Death Metal Underground: Racists, Misogynists, and the Scum of the Earth

The newest extreme in the racist metal community.



I haven’t been around much due to having been involved with certain activities within my anti-fa chapter, but this is a story for later.

So, I ended up on that side of the internet again. Yep, the racist side full of nazis and bigots. In this case, it is a certain website I found named “Death Metal Underground”. I am not going to post a link to the site here, as there is some very offensive imagery on the site, but I will post about the site itself.

Death Metal Underground claims to be “the oldest” metal website, having allegedly been from the 1980s. However, the amount of hate on the site is unbearably bad. The site is apparently connected to “Amerika” (a known racist website that advocates eugenics and killing “subhumans”) and the “American Nihilist Underground Society” (another site known for its neo-nazi connotations, as well as advocating eugenics and other illegal acts, such as murdering non-whites).

I have, during looking around that site, discovered some very disturbing names and posts. Some of the names I have seen include “gay sex, Profanatica, alcohol & beating the shit out of women” (which promotes misogyny and antisemitism, two things Profanatica is very well known for), and “all you s**cs can suck my dick” (which is racist toward hispanics and mexicans), among many others. There were posts advertising an organization known as the “Gay N****r Association of America”, a very hateful, racist trolling organization that is even considered a terrorist organization, promoting racist nazi black metal bands such as Krieg and Absurd (the latter of which the members were convicted of killing a classmate), and other disturbing activities in this vein. There was even someone in the comment section of one of the articles about the Decapitated rape case that claimed that rape isn’t real.

Besides the aforementioned bands listed, the band also promotes other racist, fascist or sexist bands such as Nocturnus (the keyboardist of this band was recently accused of being sexist towards women), Master’s Hammer, Fearless Iranians From Hell (a VERY well known offender of pushing Islamophobic stereotypes upon people), Stormtroopers of Death (they have many songs of a racist, sexist, homophobic, and nationalistic nature), and fascist black metal bands such as Emperor (who is known for the slaying of a gay man and multiple church arsons), Burzum, and many more.

Here are just a couple examples of the racist trolls commenting on this site:

Anyone who support this behavior is a very bad and mentally disturbed person with questionable morals. If they actually enjoy being a scum bag without a life as these idiots have proven, they should question themselves and consider shooting themselves in the head before we, as anti-fa members, teach them a lesson in violence.

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